How it works?

All what you need to know about us and how you can get started.
All what you need to know about us.

Level bonuses

For every level you get to you get amazing bonuses.

Level 1: You get 5,000 naira

Level 2: You get 25,000 naira

Level 3:  A smartphone + 25,000 naira

Level 4: Laptop + 40,000 naira

Level 5: You get 400,000 naira

Level 6: You get 2,000,000 naira

Level 7: 3,000,000 naira and a trip to Dubai or money equivalent

Level 8: You get 10,000,000 naira

Level 9: 20,000,000 + a bungalow + Global ambassadors award  

Registration Process

Registration Fee

In order for you to get started you need to register with a one time fee of 5,000 naira only.

Refer And Earn

To start earning and progressing to different levels you need to refer 2 people.

Unlimited referrals

Our system does not limit the number of people you can register.

Unlimited Registration

We have no registration restrictions, anyone is free to register.

About Us

Things you need to know about us.

Who We Are

Wan Afrika is a group of forex experts, Cryptocurrency analysts and importation agents that have been in existence since 2016. This group of various experts came together to put a reliable approach towards affiliate marketing to benefit the entire continent of Africa and the international community.

Commonly Asked Questions

Common questions people ask

You can request for withdrawal at anytime. 

To process your withdrawal takes two working day

Yes! you are free to request for cash equivalent.